Jesus on my College Campus.

Before I came to college, my roommates and I (I’m living in a triple this year) found each other online and bonded over a number of things. Namely, we bonded over the fact that we all love Jesus! So we decided to apply to be roommates together and thankfully, our application went through. And thanks to God’s grace, it’s truly been such an extraordinary experience to talk about God and the Bible with them and to just do life with them. We’ve visited churches and campus fellowships together and our dorm room is often full of lots of praise songs and talking about how to live the life of a Christian. And I’m extraordinarily grateful for this.

The thing is, I went to a very secular school for my four years of high school. Often I could hear conversations about how Christians were harmful and terrible and there was a culture of God-haters on our campus. It was very rare to find anyone who professed their love for Jesus. And truth to be told, as I write this, I feel quite guilty and saddened by my own failure to reach out to people during my time there, sharing the love of Christ. However, I do still want to continually pray that the followers of Jesus attending my high school right now may be the salt and light of the world that they are called to be.

Being that I’m going to a secular university, I figured I would experience a similar culture during my college days. I thought to myself how grateful and joyful I was just to be able to have my roommates who were fellow followers of Jesus. I didn’t really expect anything more.

However, God has really shown me in the past few weeks how He is doing greater things at Cornell.

During my first week on campus, my roommates and I were in the dorm lounge playing piano and singing along to What a Beautiful Name it Is and Reckless Love. Admittedly, we were all kind of hesitant, thinking we might receive glares for singing praise songs. However, to our surprise, a girl in that lounge came up to us and told us she loved those songs. (Insert big sigh of relief and just pure joy here)

Fast forward a few minutes later and we were heading out of the lounge and in the hallway ran into another girl who asked us it was us who were singing. We answered yes (nervously), to which she then asked us if she could join us the next time we decided to jam out singing praise songs. (!!!) It may sound like a simple occurrence but as freshman who thought we’d arrived to yet again another God-hating campus, we were astonished and grateful for those two moments that day. And as we would find out, it would just keep getting better.

As we visited different Christian fellowships on campus, we encountered dozens upon dozens of people who were so passionate and on fire for God. To see their devotion and love for God is such a beautiful sight to see. And as we sang out our hearts to worship God and as many people shared testimonies of how God has worked in their lives, the warm feeling of God’s presence on this campus could be felt.

Without a doubt, the campus is still a dark place with lots of people that I pray the gospel reaches. Simultaneously however, I have found such a large and prominent body of Christ on the campus that seeks to the salt and light of this world and to live out the commandment Christ gave us to make disciples of all nations.

And for that I am immensely grateful. It fills my heart with so much joy. I have yet to decide on the campus ministry and church I want to join yet, but I am praying that God give me the wisdom to decide. And as I continue to strive to live out my faith in college, I am so very excited to see what God has in store.



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