“Break my heart, God”

When I sing the song Hosanna by Hillsong, a lyric has always stood out to me:

“Break my heart for what break’s Yours.”

And I’ve prayed that those words become a reality for me.

I pray that God open my eyes to see the hurt and vulnerable in the world around me and that I may help out to reach out to them in Jesus’ name and with Christ’s love. Why? Because I myself am also a sinful, vulnerable, and broken person who needs to be reminded daily of God and His everlasting love.

But as I’ve slowly come to realize, those words are somewhat of a scary prayer to pray, and words that carry extremely heavy weight. Because when we ask God to make our hearts hurt and mourn for the things God mourns, we’re really making ourselves vulnerable and open.

A beautiful thing (among many others of course) about the God that we worship is that He is a God near to the broken hearted.

God is near to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. (Psalm 34:18)

This fact and this verse has always been so amazing to me. The fact that the God of the Universe cares on such a personal level for His creation is so humbling and awe-worthy. It’s such a thing to be grateful for.

Additionally, we also see that God cares for His creation–A lot. And we can see that through Jesus. One of my favorite verses in the Bible also happens to be the shortest verse in the Bible. It’s John 11:33 which states, quite simply:

“Jesus wept.”

The context of the story is that Lazarus has died and while comforting Mary and Martha, Jesus expresses his sorrow. Jesus knows that He can and will raise Lazarus from the dead. So why His sorrow?

I think this article by Jon Bloom explains so beautifully why Jesus wept.

The main reasons I want to point out are the following:

  1. Jesus cared–Jesus still cares for us even today. Then and now, Jesus cares for the hurting and has compassion towards them.
  2. Jesus mourned sin–We live in a sinful and broken world and with that comes death. As the article mentions, “Jesus mourned over the calamity of sin.”

And from this we come to realize that when we pray for God to break our heart for what breaks His heart, we’re praying a bold and daring pray to be compassionate and loving as Jesus was. We are acknowledging that as mere humans, it is impossible to hurt for all things God hurts for. However, we are recognizing that we have a calling to reach out to others in Jesus’ name, sharing the gospel, and sharing God’s everlasting love. We don’t have the ability to be sad for every sin and broken person in the person in the world, however we can pray that God opens our eyes to the immediate hurt around us. And we can pray that God use us as vessels to bring hope and redemption through Jesus to these people.

When we pray that God break our hearts for what breaks His, we acknowledge and mourn the current sinful and broken nature of the world, but also rejoice in the fact that we look towards the hope and eternal redemption that is in Jesus.

So my prayer is this:


Break my heart for what breaks Yours. Open up my eyes to the things unseen. Show me how to love like You have loved me.

God, open up my eyes to the immediate people around me who need to learn or be reminded of Your incredible and never-ending love for them.

Use me as vessel to do Your kingdom work and help me to do Your will. 

Lord, I myself am a broken sinner so in need of Your grace so I ask that You give me the strength and courage to reach out to people and to love like You do.

Thank you for Your grace and the salvation found through and in You alone.

In Jesus name, 


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